A generator for Radio Huruma

For 10 years now Radio Huruma has been an integral part of life in the diocese of Tanga in northern Tanzania. Thanks to this radio station, the Church is able to reach many people who could not otherwise get to church. For the Catholic faithful live widely scattered across this vast diocese of close 30,000 km2. Many people simply cannot get to Mass on Sundays because the distances are simply too great and there is no adequate public transport. But thanks to the radio station, they can at least join in with Holy Mass, which is broadcast live every Sunday, either from the cathedral or from one of the parishes.

But Radio Huruma is also an important vehicle for promoting interreligious understanding in the region. For only around 11% of the 200,000 people living in the diocese are Catholics, while the majority are Muslims. So, in addition to the broadcast Masses, there are also numerous programmes that are equally of interest to Muslims and to Christians of other denominations and which are helping to promote good relations and peaceful coexistence. For example, many of the broadcasts deal with such things as disease prevention and treatment, and aim to combat poverty and ignorance – and all the programmes are devoted to “encouraging, entertaining and informing the public on the basis of Christian values and the Word of God”, as Father Richard Kimbwi explains.

Broadcasting radio is an extraordinary tool when a diocese wants to reach his people. And when its promoters are also taking care of the common good, it is even better! So that people can continue to listen even with power cuts, Aid to the Church in Need promised to Radio Huruma 9, 960 dollars to buy a generator. 

Father Kimbwi was appointed by his bishop as director of the radio station because of his technical expertise. Previously, he spent six years in Vienna studying electronics and sound technology. And so the station is in safe hands with him. Nonetheless, after 10 years on air, a number of repairs and upgradings to the station are now necessary. And above all, there is a need for a more powerful generator since the existing one is unreliable, resulting in frequent power cuts, which means that the transmitters cannot function. When everything is working as it should, the station can broadcast well beyond the borders of the diocese and reach around half a million people. We have promised the Bishop 9,960 Dollars, so that the broadcasts will no longer need to be interrupted by power cuts.

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