Electricity for 600 Christian families in Aleppo

Last year alone some 55,000 people were killed in the war. More than 13.5 million people in Syria itself are in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Syria 2Over 4 million Syrians have fled abroad and over 7.6 million people have fled their homes in Syria and remain as refugees within their own country.


The situation is particularly serious in the city of Aleppo. Since 2014, 44-year-old Franciscan Father Ibrahim Alsabagh has been the parish priest in the parish of Saint Francis in Aleppo, the largest Latin Catholic parish in the city.


Father Ibrahim is loved and respected because of his relationship to his people. Like so many priests in Syria, he devotes himself not only to his pastoral work but also endeavours to helping his people with their basic material needs for they have suffered greatly as a result of the war.


One of the most considerable problems major for Aleppo residents, among many others, is that much of the time they live in darkness and much of the time in a damp winter cold since the electricity supply limited and often only available every other day due to the cost of usage.


In some quarters of the city, there has been absolutely no electrical power at all for two and a half months and in other places they have gone without for over 4 months.  This is likely due to the fact that electricity must travel through lines which are often damaged or destroyed by all the fighting.  Now some local stores are selling diesel powered generators for those who can afford them, but with the collapse of household incomes and sporadic aid, affordability is out of reach for most.


Another situation making access to electricity difficult: the fighting between various factions for control of the city renders the use of electricity difficult given that each faction decides to manage it  as it sees fit.


Father Ibraham turned to us, ACN and our generous benefactors, to help 600 families over one year, to pay for a most needed and more regular supply of electricity.

The cost comes to just about $29 Canadian dollars per household, per month.


Thanks to our benefactors, ACN has been able to provide 203,000 Canadian dollars to bring back the light to a few families in Aleppo.



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