A minibus for pastoral work


The major seminary of the Missionaries of Faith situated in Nadipalli, India has existed in the diocese of Eluru in the state of Andhra Pradesh since 1989. The provincial Superior, Father Prabhakar Vangala, has written to ACN to say thanks to all our benefactors for their “generous help,” enabling them to purchase a minibus for the seminary. He tells us that he has already blessed the vehicle, along with the Bishop of Eluru.


Until now, seminarians had to cycle 10 km every day to reach their study centre. Serious accidents involving heavy trucks have already happened. Thanks be to God, none of the seminarians has been fatally injured – yet.  It remains a risky situation.  A vehicle is also seriously needed for practical work since the special charism of the congregation involves ministering to the poorest and remotest missionary parishes. The seminarians themselves are also involved in this work even during their training, and help out regularly in the parishes. In fact, many of these future priests who have no parents, or who themselves come from very remote or distant regions – and who therefore cannot travel home to their families during the holidays – make good use of this holiday time, visiting and talking with the young people in the parishes and speaking to them about the vocation to the priesthood. Such conversations are often instrumental in encouraging other young people to reflect on their own vocation in life, and some of them feel within them the call of God and the desire to serve him in the priesthood.


A good example of this extra implication is that of the awakening of priestly vocation. The minibus has been an enormous help in all these activities and has enabled the seminary to intensify its missionary outreach. In addition to serving the seminarians and the priests responsible for their formation, it is available to help the 10 lay catechists and 15 volunteer helpers in their work.


Our heartfelt thanks to all our kind benefactors who have helped to deliver the Good News more rapidly and efficiently to remote areas!



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