Mass Offerings for 18 Jesuit priests


Mexico is a land of deep contrasts. Some of its areas are popular holiday destinations, and yet others are in the throes of bloody drug warfare and plagued by abductions, extortion, robberies and murders on an alarming scale.  In fact, in 2016 Mexico topped the charts with the second highest murder rate in the world with 23,000 murders reported that year. The Catholic Church has also suffered the shock of this crime wave.  In no other country in the world have so many priests been murdered, year after year, as they have in Mexico.

This same contrast is true economically speaking in Mexico. On one hand it is an emerging economic power, while on the other, almost half the population lives in deep poverty. The Jesuits are active in the country with 18 Jesuits working within the indigenous population in some of the areas of most touched by extreme poverty. While proclaiming the Gospel message to the poorest of the poor, they themselves live in poverty. The faithful share their simple food with them, but that alone is not enough to cover their overall living costs. So they are most grateful for the Mass Offerings ACN has been able to send them, to a total value of $21,155, thanks to the generosity of our committed Aid to the Church in Need benefactors.


“With the blessing of your help,” writes Father José Francisco Magaña Aviña, the Provincial of the Jesuits in Mexico, “we can continue to proclaim the Gospel and better serve this People of God, who though lacking in material prosperity nonetheless possess an astonishing spiritual strength, which nourishes the whole Church.”


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