Help to renovate the convent of the Poor Clares


The town of San Miguel is situated in central western Ecuador, in the province of Bolívar, the name translates into Saint Michael (the Archangel). Since 1902 the town of San Miguel has had a Marian shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, including a grotto modeled on the one in the original shrine in France.

Just as in Lourdes, there is a spring here that is reputed to be a source of healing. In fact, this shrine has now become an important place of pilgrimage that is visited by pilgrims from all over the country. Particularly large groups of pilgrims tend to come in Mary‘s month, the month of May, and in September too when there is a great feast, lasting for two weeks and ending with the feast of the Archangel Michael on September 29.


Le travail de la terre inclut celui de l'apiculture, chez les Clarisses de San Miguel, Équateur.
Working the land includes beekeeping in Ecuador with the Poor Clares in San Miguel.


Close to this shrine dedicated to Our Lady, is a convent belonging to the Poor Clares.  Sixteen nuns currently live in the quiet of the enclosure, in a strict contemplative life of prayer. Their convent has also been dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes.

The Sisters have chosen to live in poverty.  Nonetheless, they are still must facing the challenge of undertaking major renovations needed for the maintenance of their convent.


ACN is helping with 9,928 CAN for the renovation of six cells, and for the ceiling in the transept in need of repairs.  Thank you to all who helped support these Sisters of the Poor Clares Congregation!


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