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A vehicle to meet the urgent needs

The Pallottine Fathers have been working in Bilohir’ya in West Ukraine since 1993. They run two parishes, one in Bilohir’ya and one in Yampil’, around 20 kilometres away. The parish in Bilohir’ya has around 100 members and Holy Mass is celebrated there every day, while in Yampil’, it is celebrated on Sundays and on Holy Days. The Fathers also minister pastorally to the Catholic faithful living in the surrounding area who, for one reason or another, are unable to attend Holy Mass. The parish of Bilohir’ya also has a children’s home which is run by religious sisters.

Since the war began in February 2022, the priests’ work has intensified. All in all, 500 refugees have been given shelter in the parish since then and 17 currently remain. Father Pawel Goraj, the parish priest, explains: “These are women and children who have fled the horrors of the war. Ministering to these people demands a great deal of time and personal commitment on our part. We are serving them in a variety of different ways, which also requires frequent car journeys with them.” In addition to this, since the war began, Father Goraj has been involved as a chaplain with Christian emergency services.

The parishes are in urgent need of a car – not only for the work of the children’s home and for pastoral work in general, but also because Father Goraj regularly travels to war zones to provide basic humanitarian aid to those in need. When driving home from one of these expeditions a little while ago, his car was totaled after being struck by another driver.

He urgently needs a new car to continue his important work. Given the poor road conditions and the heavy loads he is always carrying, Father Goraj needs a robust and sturdy vehicle. We are proposing to help him with a contribution of $22,500.

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