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A house for the Capuchin Friars in Lviv

The Capuchin Friars run thriving parishes in various parts of Ukraine and, in addition to Holy Mass, offer many other spiritual opportunities for believers and seekers alike. They are available to all who wish to talk about their faith, their personal lives, or about any questions or concerns they may have. The current situation of war has significantly increased the need for spiritual counselling. And while Lviv has so far come through mostly unscathed, countless refugees have flooded here from other parts of the country, needing not only a roof over their heads but also spiritual support, counsel and consolation.

In September 2021, at the invitation of Archbishop Mokrzycki, three Capuchin Friars came to Lviv. They are planning to offer catechetical sessions for adults, encounters with Third Order Franciscans, and prayer groups in the spirit of Saint Padre Pio. But their most important apostolate is the confessional. In the cathedral, there are opportunities for confession at any time of day. The Capuchin Friars are among the priests who are regularly available there to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Legacy poisoned by the Communist Era

In the past, there were two Capuchin monasteries in Lviv. However, these buildings were confiscated by the communists and are still being used for other purposes today, so it is unlikely they will be returned.

The three Capuchin Friars have been living in a cramped two-roomed apartment of barely 50 square metres. They have set up a tiny chapel in a storeroom and the kitchen also doubles as the living room. There is no place for them to gather together with the faithful. Consequently,  prayer meetings, talks, and Eucharistic adoration mostly take place in private homes or apartments, or even in inns or public houses. During the summer, the friars can often be found in the parks or on the streets, making music, talking to people about God, and offering them comfort.

However, as they very much need a suitable place to carry out their pastoral activities, they have turned to us for help.

An opportunity has arisen to purchase and renovate a house in the Golosko-Male district, which is also where the cemetery with the graves of deceased Capuchins is located. We would like to help them in the amount of $75,000, so that they may quickly have a home suited to their pastoral needs.

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