Success Story – India

Construction of a a new church

Published to the web January 17, 2020 


The Catholic faithful in Majerburi Village, in the west of the Indian state of Assam, are delighted with their new church. At last, the whole congregation has room to sit inside the church together.


Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to contribute $93,300 towards the cost of completing their church! The dedication ceremony was a great and joyful feast! The parishioners continue to pray for all the kind souls whose contributions have made it possible for this long-cherished dream to finally be fulfilled.


A little background…


In 1983 the Capuchin Fathers opened the first mission station in Majerburi Village and set up a primary school there. In 2012, the parish of Saint Francis was formally established here as well. Up to that time, there was only a very small chapel. It was too small to accommodate the growing number of Catholic faithful. So, on Sundays and all the major feast days, nearly a hundred people were forced to stand outside the church in order to attend Mass.


Many wanting to attend Mass were unable to because of the conditions. The children from the more remote and outlying villages who cannot attend the village school unless space could be found for them in the parish boarding house were also unable to get to Mass on Sundays. The students and teachers from the new college established by a congregation of religious sisters in 2016, also wanted to attend Sunday Mass.


The mainly indigenous population of Majeburi are strong in their faith and play an active part in the life of the parish. But they are far too poor to have found the money necessary to build a new and larger church. They already struggle to make a living gathering firewood in the forest and growing vegetables to sell at market. Even at the cost of great sacrifice to themselves, they would never have been able to achieve this goal unsupported, and why their parish priest, Father Kuriakose Kattoopara, turned with confidence to ACN for help. On behalf of all the people benefiting from their new church, he sends his heartfelt gratitude and promises their continuing prayers for all who have helped.



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