ACN Project of the Week: Radio in Argentina

Success Story: Support for the Catholic radio, Radio Maria Auxiliadora

The diocese of San Roque de Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña is located in the remote Chaco. In this, one of the poorest regions in northern Argentina, radio is perhaps the most important means of communication in this diocese suffering a host of different social problems and conflicts.

In this rural place, many children suffer grave malnutrition and “the poverty here is no less than in Africa, ’says Father Adolfo Kocka, a local parish priest. Most of this region is covered in jungle, known justifiably as ‘El Impenetrable.

Many of this jungle’s settlements are relatively—and in some cases completely—inaccessible. There are no telephone networks and the mobile signal cannot penetrate the dense rainforest; making radio the most important means of communication.

Above a house with a satellite dish in Chaco

A Vital Instrument for Pastoral Outreach

For twenty years Catholic Radio Maria Auxiliadora has been providing a precious service to the region over the radio waves supporting local priests with their daily ministry. For the Church, not only is it a vital instrument for pastoral outreach, but an indispensable means of communication and information in general. During the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world gained new awareness of the importance of social communication, both for the Church and for society. But in this vast and inaccessible rainforest region, the need exists even in normal times.

Mons. Hugo Nicolás BARBARO with neighbourhood children

Most unfortunately though, the radio mast was recently badly damaged by lightning, reducing its range to just 20 km. Needless to say, this was a bitter blow to the communities it serves and connects to.

Bishop Mons. Hugo Nicolás BARBARO visiting the radio station at
St. Francis Solano parish, in Misión Nueva Pompeya

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to give help of $7,540, enabling the equipment to be repaired and improved. Now, the station is fully operational again.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped!

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