Help for the training of Cúcuta future priests

The diocese of Cúcuta lies in the far north-east of Colombia bordering Venezuela. This year there is special reason for celebration, as the local diocesan seminary is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The rector of the seminary, Father José Abel Sierra Parra, has written to Aid to the Church in Need, saying: “We thank the Lord for the fact that during this time he has blessed us with numerous vocations, and also with individuals and associations that have helped us both spiritually and materially.”

Columbia: a formation under the protection of Our Lady.
Columbia: a formation under the protection of Our Lady.


For the new Bishop, Victor Manuel Ochoa Cadavid, it is equally a heartfelt wish that these young men be supported and helped in their vocation. He knows the seminary very well, and wants to develop the promotion of priestly vocations in his diocese even more.

At this time, 49 young men are attending the seminary and receiving training in order to one day serve as priests at God’s altar. Most of these young men are from poor families who have little in terms of the material means needed to help their sons on this path they were called to. This is why the seminary needs outside help to cover the cost of training these future priests.

And so the bishop has turned to Aid to the Church in Need, with a request to subsidize the cost of the training of his seminarians.

Because of our benefactors, we were able to promise him 17,762 CAD this year to help with the expense so that no priestly vocation need be lost simply for lack of money.

All the seminarians in Cúcuma pray regularly for all the generous benefactors who have helped them on their journey to the priesthood.donate

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