ACN Press Release — A New Website for Aid to the Church in Need Canada (ACN)

Montreal, Wednesday, September 2, 2020 — “We are pleased to announce the new website for Aid to the Church in Need Canada is now operational,” proclaimed Marie-Claude Lalonde, National Director of the pontifical charity. “It is simple, efficient, and beautiful.” 

Readers will find ACN news, stories and interviews, as well as the projects of the week, as it was on the old site, along with a simplified donation page. The lettering is also larger, making texts more legible. Finally, visitors will be able to “flip through” some of our publications, including recent Newsletters and the Annual Report, directly and digitally, using 3D FlipBook technology.

Launch Date: August 15

It is no coincidence the new website was launched on the eve of August 15. Ms. Lalonde considers “The Assumption,” to be “one of the most beautiful celebrations in Christ anity.”  “Felipe had the idea of launching the site on the eve of this important day for the Catholic and the Orthodox observers—and it’s a very good idea, because in our organization the Marian devotional movement is of important significance.” In fact, ACN’s founder, Father Werenfried van Straaten, dedicated the organization to Our Lady of Fatima. “Why not dedicate our website to Our Lady of the Assumption?” suggested Ms. Lalonde.

“We hope our regular visitors will enjoy the simplicity of our refurbished website, and new visitors will join them!” said Amanda Bridget Griffin, English Communications and Community Manager, and Felipe Bezerra, ACN’s Ontario Division Manager, who designed the new site. “The site is now an attractive and secure way to tell the world about the Church, and about Christians who are victims of discrimination and persecution or living in extreme poverty. It will now be easier for our readers to find information, watch videos and make their donation. We invite you to share the web address far and wide.”

ACN Canada’s new website has kept the same URL address: https://acn-canada.org/

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