Boko Haram strikes with new terror tactic using women

On the night of July 29, members of the Boko Haram terrorist group attacked the town of Gagalari in the diocese of Yagoua located in the far north region of Cameroon.

By Maria Lozano, ACN International
Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin for ACN Canada
Published on the web, Thursday August 8, 2019






According to information received August 1, 2019 from local sources of Aid to the Church in Need in the African country of Cameroon, the terrorist organization seems to have changed strategies, but in no way has it diminished its devastating level of violence meant to terrorize.  The amputation of an ear is a way of pressuring and terrifying the citizens of the area who, according to the terrorists, “listen to the government and the voices of those who do not follow the extremist ideology of Boko Haram.”

“Only the women”

“They arrived during the night, entered the houses one by one and kidnapped the women. Only the women. They took them to the outskirts and amputated one ear off each of the victims. Then they released them threatening them and telling them that they would return. That this is the first line intervention, but others will follow. It is terrifying,” said the source who will remain anonymous to ensure their safety.

The source went on to explain that for security reasons, the men do not sleep inside the houses and a Vigilance Committee has even been formed. “But it was no use in this repulsive surprise attack. The women were dragged out of their homes before their children’s eyes.”

Later, the victims were found and picked up by the army who then transferred the wounded 260 kilometers away where they could receive medical assistance.

The people, especially the women and children, have experienced significant trauma and are terrified. “But what are they going to do? They are simple and very poor people who live on agriculture and right now, in the rainy season, they are waiting for the harvest. Where are they going to go? “

The small town of Gagalari is 120 kilometers from the nearest parish. Let us pray for these poor women and their people: the victims, the families, the local Church and the persecutors.

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