A tribute to Nelson Mandela from the Director of Aid to the Church in Need Canada

Thank you Madiba – Nelson Mandela

Source - Wikipedia
Source – Wikipedia

I will allow myself to be on a first name basis with you, you, Madiba (Daddy).  We have never spoken to one another, nor have we ever met, but without even knowing, you, cradled my adolescence.  It was at that time that I got to know you. Yes, at that age when we believe we can change the world.  I was already revolting against all forms of injustice done to women, to blacks, to the poor, and all who were against the fundamental liberties of the human person.  I could not bear anything that infringed upon the dignity of Man.

Like thousands of others, I wrote the South African government (saving every penny for stamps) to ask for your freedom.

When you were finally liberated, I believed, with all the impetus of my age that we would change the world together:  you, me, and all the others with such thirst for justice in our world.  You incarnated a change in the face of racism, you Nelson Mandela, the quiet force – the ambassador of Peace.  Without knowing it – for at that time, I also was blind to it – you made of me the person I am today.

Since my adolescence, in many different ways, I have fought for a greater social justice.  And still to this day, I cannot resign myself to doing nothing with regard to hunger in the world, or racial discrimination, the restriction of the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Thank you for moulding me.  Thank you for having inspired entire generations to continue the fight, thank you for defending my brothers and my sisters with dark skin.

Thank you, Madiba (Daddy), rest in the peace which you arduously defended.

Marie-Claude Lalonde

National Director of Aid to the Church in Need, helping the poor and the persecuted

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