A place for God’s Presence

Do people really need chapels? Can’t they pray outside in the midst of nature, especially in Africa of all places? Of course, but “the Eucharist is God as answering presence,” said Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. And there has to be a place for this presence.

Masses in Gambella—a proper chapel could raise
their faith to a new level.


This is something felt strongly, especially by people in rural areas of Africa, where there are few permanent churches or chapels. In the village of Shebo, in the Gambella Region of Ethiopia, termites have completely eaten away the wood of their chapel made of interwoven sticks and twigs
covered with clay, built some 15 years ago, and the wind has blown off the thatched roof. It is no longer possible to sit and pray there. Instead, the 700 villagers want to build a new chapel. It would be used principally for Holy Mass and Eucharistic adoration, but, at the same time, it would
also be a suitable place for children’s catechism and religious instruction for young people and young adults. Given the high level of AIDS in the region, there is a great need to educate young people in the Theology of the Body. The number of Christians is growing steadily, and they want to be able to pray and cherish together, centered on the Presence of God. We can fulfill their dream for this presence in this “Place of Eucharistic Adoration.” We have already promised $43,800 for a small church of stone, 14 x 8 meters in size. That works out to $392 per square meter. It will become the focal point of the whole village, just like the many other chapels we have been able to fund, thanks to your generosity, on every continent.



“ISIS thought they had destroyed the Church and had exterminated the Christian presence in the Nineveh Plains when they burned the churches, smashed the crosses, and wrecked the icons. Indeed, they brought destruction here, but the source of creation and victory lies in Christ, in the cross. That is our faith.”

Rafic Assi, a young Syrian man.

“The war made me realize that material things are not so important. Young people around the world should be grateful because they can live in peace. We did not imagine that our lives would turn out like that. But we have not given up on hope!”

If this project is funded, your gift will be used to support other Christians in Need, for instance, such as these:

Support the Church in India: Help build a chapel

The Catholic community in Agartala gathers for prayers and Mass celebrations in a mud-walled-chapel that tends to leak during the rainy season. Your contribution will help this community have dignified conditions in which to live their Faith.


Support the Church in Benin: Help renovate a monastery for contemplatives

The charism of the contemplative Sisters of Jesus the Eucharist is one of perpetual adoration. From their cloister monastery in Benin, they intercede through their prayers for the whole world. With your contribution, we can support the renovation of their monastery.


Support the Church in Eritrea: Give for the construction of a house for Sisters

Eritrea is a poor country struggling to recover from the war with Ethiopia. The religious Sisters arrived as missionaries 80 years ago to provide a good Christian education for girls. With your help, we can support the construction of a much-needed home for them.