The following series of texts has an objective to introduce you to the many kinds of assistance needed by various organizations, parishes or Catholic communities throughout the world.  We invite you to travel with us to all the continents that you may see how very important your support is to them.


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By ACN International

Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada

The parish of Saint Stanislaus in Balta is the oldest Latin-rite Catholic church in the diocese of Odessa-Simferopol in the south of Ukraine. After the long years of atheist Soviet domination, the parish has come alive once again. Holy Mass is celebrated daily, and there are also many other religious events. Every Wednesday there are catechism classes for the children, on Thursday’s preparation for the First Holy Communion, on Saturdays a Bible study meeting and on Sundays after Mass, catechetical instruction for adults. There are also meetings for altar servers and for adults preparing for baptism or for marriage. “The members of my parish like to get involved, whether in preparing for the religious feasts or in other things for the Church – and not only through their work but also through their financial contributions,” writes Father Marcin Planeta, the parish priest, proudly.

The importance of the sisters’ nurturing

Beginning in 2007 there has also been a community of Vincentian sisters working in the parish. They care especially for the children of broken homes. Many of the parents are alcoholics and cannot look after their children properly. As a result the children themselves become acquainted far too early with alcohol and cigarettes, or begin stealing. The sisters offer these children security and loving acceptance. They also care for their physical well-being, for the sisters have set up a daily mealtime service for the children, who would otherwise not get a hot meal. Afterwards, they can sit quietly and do their school homework, with which they also get support. There are also constructive leisure time opportunities and religious instruction. There are now 40 such children and young people benefiting from the sisters’ help, and their numbers are steadily growing. In the summer they have an opportunity to go camping. By helping the children, the sisters and the parish priest can also reach out to the parents, so that they too can get the help they need.

But the parish has one major problem. It is in urgent need of repair and renovation; the roof is leaking and there is a lack of adequate drainage around the foundations has resulted in considerable water damage and dampness. As a result Holy Mass has to be celebrated in the presbytery. The floor, the external rendering and inner plastering of the walls, the ceiling, the roof – everything needs to be renovated. Despite the generosity of the parishioners, the parish simply cannot afford the total cost of the renovation work, and so Father Planeta has turned to ACN for help. We have promised him $24,400.

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